Michelle McCurry


For over a decade I have worked in the entertainment industry as an independent model and actress, and I am proud to be an active member and supporter of SAG/AFTRA union. Since the majority of my career was spent modeling I can tell you first hand that an affordable and dependable skin care line is a girl's best friend!

It's hard to face as the ozone fades away, so does our youthful appearance, and when it comes to that only the highest quality, finest and purest natural ingredients will do. Having been fortunate enough to travel the world, I have come across many skin care lines and my favorite, by far, is Le Mieux Cosmetics.

Now, as a former model and actress, desiring nothing but the best (and with a little brains and beauty), I’ve applied my experience and inspiration (mixed with a little elbow grease) to bring the best products and services Ormond Beach has to offer.

BARE Skin Studio - a perfect fusion creating the way to return to the most beautiful place on earth… yourself

  • Advanced Aesthetics & Skin Care - 720 hrs
  • **President's List**
  •  Makeup Artist for United States Track and Field Awards Ceremony, December 2012 - Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Licensed, Insured: Facial Specialist; Body Wrapper 

About Le Mieux Cosmetics

Le Mieux is driven by a team of scientific skin care visionaries who strive to break through and revamp the industry’s filler-based pandemic. The elite group includes expert cell biologists, medical doctors, pharmacists, as well as organic and cosmetic chemists. From their vision, Le Mieux developed groundbreaking skincare innovations that regenerate skin from deep within the cellular matrix, providing healthier, visibly younger skin.

Le Mieux Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is widely recognized by both medical and aesthetic professionals today. As our skin matures, the process of effective cell renewal diminishes rapidly and efficiency along with the loss of cell communication. EGF technology crucially improves this communication allowing older cells to replicate a nutrient-rich version of their cells to restore and rebuild a striking, youthful brilliance.

With our scientific breakthroughs, such as revolutionary Cell Growth Research in wound repair and advanced Bio Peptide Technology in anti-aging, our products have gained global recognition, multiple internationally distinguished awards, and features in respected publications worldwide.

Le Mieux is coveted by A-list celebrities alongside their personal make-up artists and is a staple favorite and necessity on sets of movie productions, television filming, and red carpet events while praised by distinguished physicians in the U.S. and around the world.